thermo vacuum chamber

Lyo Group General Specifications:

  • Cylindrical Diameter 0.4 to 4.0m2
  • Rectangular_ As per the customer requirements
  • Dependable Redundancy Options for Vacuum and Temperature
  • Vacuum Level up to 1 x 10-6
  • Thermal Plate and Shroud temperature up to -700C with built in Cascade Refrigeration System or Ultra Low Temperature with LN2
  • Heating up to 1500C with built in Heating System
  • Multi Level Data Acquisition for Vacuum and Temperature
  • Compact Design
  • Customized Specifications
  • Customized Layout and Dimensions
  • Uni-Frame Design _ All in one Frame
  • Wide Range of Chambers _Cylindrical and Rectangular
  • Fully automated and SCADA based control Systems